Client: Sapura Drilling, Singapore Keppel Shipyard

Project Title: Sapura Pelaut Drag Chain Cables Inspection & Repair

Project Description: 

Sapura Pelaut Mast drain chain and top drive drag chain needed to be repaired in Singapore shipyard before the next contract. 

SGIT team completed the inspection and repair for the whole DES drag chain. Also replaced some cables and Belzona patching for the cables in multiple locations for the drag chain.

Drag chain is one of the most important parts on board the rig as it powers up many drilling and important equipment in the rig or vessel. Drag chain is a moving part and it needs to be constantly checked and immediately repaired if there is damage to the cables or hose.

Failure to identify or repair when the damage is still repairable, will cause a big loss and down time to the rig or vessel if there is a need to replace the whole unit. Some new drag chains cost millions of dollars!